To attract and identify the best teams to design a large building complex on a reclaimed harbor at the western edge of Helsinki’s central business district. It is envisaged that the competition will lead to a design commission.

The Low2No competition is a three part competition:

  1. design a strategy or model of the dynamics that support the architecture
  2. design an indicator of sustainability by which the competition proposal and future projects can be measured
  3. design a vision for the project that will ease the heavy lifting of systemic change

In their proposals, teams should declare the best ingredients for sustainable development, and illustrate how they will be mixed over time. The goal: to achieve a low carbon building complex and urban district that will transition to a no carbon complex as the energy context improves.

More than a design, we are looking for a credible strategic framework for change, and the principals upon which the framework was built.

Our competition is designed to seek approaches for four central objectives applied at the scale of a city block:

  1. energy efficiency
  2. low/no carbon emissions
  3. high architectural, spatial and social value
  4. sustainable materials and methods

22 April R FQ submittal due
06 May Selection of best qualified teams announced
Week of 11 May Competition brief available at our website
01-03 June Selected teams in Helsinki for 2-3 day competition introduction & workshop
01 July Competition proposals due
01 September Winning team announced
September Selected teams return to Helsinki for a “next steps” workshop